Thursday, November 21, 2013

Digital Media

This is where you will come for most of your Digital Media needs. You can find information on most forms of Digital Media here including video editing, web development (front end and back end), PhotoShop tips and tricks, InDesign, audio, podcasting, etc.

I have been playing around with computer graphics since before PCs or Macs were on the market back when you had to edit pictures by manipulating pixels in a 16x16 square and place it back into the larger picture and grab another square then save your pictures on a cassette tape off your TV before the Apple ][ e came out. When the Mac came out in 84 I saw Mac Paint and I was hooked! the resolution was AMAZING!! I also learned some 2D animation on some software I have since forgotten the name of. My scout leader was a graphic design artist for the college when the Mac 2 came out with... COLOR!! I spent as many hours as I could on it until I moved away from computers for a few years (Yosemite then Japan). When I came back Microsoft came out with Windows 95, nothing really major but I did learn Quark on a Power PC. I moved to Utah in 98 and eventually bought my first non Macintosh with SE on it. It was with this computer that I learned the newer PhotoShop and some minor video editing and 3D modeling and animation. After a few computer revisions and years of playing around with the "fun stuff" after coming home after my real job of software engineering, I decided that I wanted to go back and get a degree in Digital Media at UVU. I feel that UVU has an advantage over a lot of other universities in this degree in that we do not have a large sports program that sucks a lot of resources away from the arts program. This allows us to have more computers and newer software and devices to test on than if he had to support a football team at the same time. UVU has produced a few award winning short films like "Lizard and the Ladder" and games like "Cape Chronicles" in 2012 and "Dub Wars" at iDMAa a few weeks ago.

Although I am by no means the best at any of the programs I work with, I have found that I know some tricks that a lot of people who do this for a living do not know. I will be focusing on tricks that should help speed up your productivity or show you a different way to do something where you can get better, more precise edits.

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